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Acai Berry A cross between juicy blackberry and sweet raspberry notes with a dark chocolate impact.
Almond Simple, sweet almond flavor like that used in baking.
Apple Candy This is a sweet and sour green apple candy flavor.
Apple Pie A slice of Americana wrapped in rich, warm, flakey pastry. All around great apple pie flavor.
Apricot Refreshing apricot taste.
Banana Candy Banana candy flavor, reminiscent of nerds candies.
Banana Cream Creamy Banana flavor, has less bite than the ripe banana.
Banana Nut A nutty banana flavor reminiscent of banana nut bread.
Bavarian Cream A warm, creamy, vanilla flavor. Try blending with coffee, fruit, or nut flavors!
Berry Crunch Cereal A delicious sugary crunch cereal flavor.
Black Cherry A very realistic, fresh cherry flavor.
Black Currant Grape like characteristics, but with a dry, dark, mature edge.
Black Honey Tobacco A sweet, complex flavored pipe tobacco.
Blackberry A fresh blackberry flavor.
Blue-Raspberry Cotton Candy Sweet and delicious blue raspberry cotton candy. More of a true cotton candy than the circus cotton candy, great by itself or in mixes.
Blueberry A fresh wild blueberry, picked right out the forest.
Blueberry Candy A strong blue candy reminiscent of a blue jolly rancher.
Blueberry Jam A sweet blueberry jam, great for mixing with other flavors. Try it with peanut butter or pie flavors.
Bourbon Like an aged bourbon with less of a kick compared to our Kentucky Bourbon.
Boysenberry-Raspberry A boysenberry-raspberry is a mix between a raspberry, a blackberry, a american dewberry, and the loganberry. Sweet and floral compared to a raspberry, with a little more tang than a blackberry.
Brandy A creamy brandy flavor, very sweet without the alcohol kick like bourbon.
Brazilian Coffee Smooth in body with sweet flavors, a good coffee base to mix with other flavors.
Brown Sugar This flavor is more of a mixer best used with other flavors.
Bubba Berry A sweet berry taste with a pungent hazy aftertaste with a slight hint of musk.
Bubble Gum A generic bubble gum flavor. Good by itself or when mixed.
Butterscotch A very nice rich creamy butterscotch flavor, try using small amounts in mixes to give them a buttery flavor.
Cake Batter Like a raw cake batter licked right off the spoon.
Cap'n Cereal reminiscent of saturday morning cartoons and the cap'n. Without tearing up the roof of your mouth.
Cappuccino An italian favorite, strong coffee flavor with a hint of creaminess, great for blending with other flavors.
Caramel A rich caramel flavor with a toasty, maple, brown sugar note.
Chai Tea This is a very basic Chai flavor that could be tweaked to your liking.
Champagne Bright and bubbly champagne flavor.
Cheesecake Crust Buttery cheesecake graham cracker.
Chili Mango A sweet mango with a spicy exotic twist.
Churro A fried dough pastry with cinnamon sugar flavoring.
Cigarillo A mild sweet tobacco flavor with a dark smokey quality.
Cinnamon Cookie A snickerdoodle in liquid form.
Cinnamon Danish A baked cinnamon bun flavor.
Cinnamon Danish Swirl Like a fresh baked cinnamon bun slathered in cream.
Cinnamon Red Hot Just like the little red candies.
Circus Cotton Candy A pink circus cotton candy.
Citrus Punch(Dew It) A crisp citrus punch flavor very much like the popular soda!
Clove Made of 20% natural eugenol, the main constituent of cloves. This flavor is very strong.
Coco Rounds Cereal Crunch chocolatey cereal flavor.
Coconut Like a fresh cut coconut.
Cola Soda A refreshing cola soda reminiscent of old fashion cola shops.
Concord Grape The concord grape also known as the fox grape is a popular grape use for table decoration. Mostly used in wines and grape juices.
Cranberry Natural bright cranberry flavor, not too tart and not too sweet.
Cream Soda Delicious cream soda flavor.
Creme De Menthe(CDM) Fresh, minty, and cool taste.
Cucumber Refreshing and light, this flavor mixes very well with others to create a unique finish.
Dairy Milk Fresh dairy milk, sweeter than malted milk and less creamy.
Double Apple A very true to nature apple flavor.
Double Chocolate A lighter chocolate flavor clear in color.
Dr. Pop A refreshing soda flavor that is reminiscent of a certain 23 flavor variety.
Dragonfruit Mellow fruity flavor with tropical accents.
Dulce De Leche Dulce de leche means "milk sweet" or "sweet from milk" in spanish and is a very popular treat for ice cream or crepes.
Elderberry Like a cooked elderberry from the elderflower plant.
Energy Drink A generic energy drink flavor.
Espresso A bold flavor that is rather unique, great on its own, but also a great enhancer for tobaccos and other mixes.
French Vanilla Tastes just like the ice cream.
Frosted Donut like a sugary frosted donut.
Fruit Circles Cereal Similar to the "O" shaped fruit cereal with a slight fresh lemon note.
Fruit Smoothie A fresh blend of Strawberry, Watermelon, and Kiwi flavors, this is a complex fruity mix, great by itself or in mixes.
Fuji Apple Fuji apples originate from Japan and are one of the most widely used apples in the world, Firm apple with sweet and tart notes.
Ginger Ale A refreshing ginger soda flavor, takes an experienced mixer to really bring out the realistic qualities.
Gingerbread A warm gingerbread cake flavor.
Glazed Donut Like a fresh deep fried donut glazed to perfection.
Graham Cracker Pure unadulterated graham cracker in your mouth. A great base flavor to mix and work with.
Grape Candy A candied grape flavor.
Grape Juice Just like fresh grape juice.
Greek Yogurt A creamy sweet yogurt flavor, Great for mixing in small amounts for a tangy dairy note.
Green Apple A tart crisp refreshing apple flavor.
Green Tea Like a fresh brewed cup of tea.
Guava A strong tropical flavor best used when mixed in small amounts.
Gummy Candy Generic gummy candy flavor.
Gummy Worm Generic gummy worm flavor, great for mixing with fruits or candies.
Harvest Berry A refreshing mix of Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, and Blackberry. Great by itself or in mixes.
Hawaiian Drink A delicious drink flavor reminiscent of hawaiian punch.
Hazelnut A nice rich hazelnut flavor. Great by itself or in mixes.
Honey A very strong raw honey flavor. best if used lightly in mixes.
Honey Circles Cereal A honey and oat cereal flavor.
Honey Roasted Peanut Honey roasted peanut great by itself or in mixes.
Honeydew Sweet refreshing melon flavor.
Honeysuckle Just like the nectar from the honeysuckle flower.
Horchata Creamy cinnamon rice milk.
Hpnotiq This flavor is very similar to hpnotiq liqueur.
Huckleberry A very strong fruity flavor with blueberry notes. Some people absolutely love this flavor some absolutely hate it. best to try in small amounts first.
Irish Cream reminiscent of an irish cream liqueur. This flavor when cold can appear cloudy, just shake it.
Jackfruit A tropical fruit flavor that's very sweet and candylike, its a bit like a certain juicy style gum.
Jamaican Rum A rich and spicy rum flavor, surprisingly sweet and smooth.
Jelly Candy A generic jelly bean candy flavor, great for mixing with other candies.
Kentucky Bourbon A very realistic bourbon flavor.
Key Lime A fresh lime flavor good on its own or in mixes.
Kiwi Fresh sliced juicy Kiwi.
Koolada Gives you the cooling effect from menthol without the Eucalyptus flavoring.
Lemon Fresh lemon flavor, not too sour, not too sweet.
Lemon Lime A sweet lemon lime mix. Very refreshing, more sweet than sour.
Lemon-Lime Soda Lemon lime soda very close to a sprite flavor.
Lemonade A sweet and refreshing lemonade flavor great for mixing with other flavors or by itself.
Lime A very true to life lime flavor.
Lucky Leprechaun Cereal Marshmallow and oat cereal flavor that magically delicious.
Lychee This treat from Southeast Asia had a juicy sweet flavor with distinct floral notes.
Malted Milk A cream full bodied milk flavor. Creamier than the Dairy milk flavor and not as sweet.
Mandarin Orange Sweet tropical bliss bursting with freshly squeezed mandarin orange notes.
Mango Fresh, natural tasting mango.
Maple A sweet maple extract flavor, good for blending with other flavors.
Maraschino Cherry A very strong Maraschino cherry flavoring, good if used like a cherry candy. Best if used light. Have had customers refer to it as cough syrup when used heavy.
Menthol Eucalyptus menthol flavor, a true menthol, very strong.
Mint Candy A light refreshing mint candy, very much like a hard candy mint.
Mocha This flavor is very reminiscent of a tiramisu that tends to mellow out with age. Some customers like this one others do not. best to try in small amounts first.
Mojito A refreshing cocktail mix with a lime and mint finish.
Natural Grapefruit Very strong natural grapefruit flavoring.
Natural Tangerine A natural tangerine flavor. Note: this flavor tends to separate, shake before each use.
Nectarine A very true to nature Nectarine flavor, crisp, fresh, and sweet, with a bit of tart.
Oatmeal Cookie Like a freshly baked cookie right out the oven.
Orange Cream Like an orange cream ice cream.
Pancake Fluffy pancake with a hint of butter.
Papaya A sweet, tart fruity flavor with a musky, smoky, peppery touch.
Passionfruit A sweet almost tropical citrus berry flavor.
Passionfruit Orange Guava(POG) A sweet refreshing mix of tropical flavors balanced and blended to perfection.
Peach A fresh picked juicy peach flavor.
Peach Gummy Candy a fuzzy peach gummy candy flavor, reminiscent of peach rings.
Peanut Butter More on the lines of a natural peanut butter. Add some sweetener to make it more like a brand name.
Pear Crisp pear flavoring.
Pecan Strong realistic pecan flavor, color on this one can vary depending on age from light yellow to dark purple. Taste does not change with color.
Peppermint A peppermint candy flavor.
Philippine Mango The Carabao mango, also known as the Philippine mango or Manila mango, is a very sweet and exotic tasting fruit compared to its more common counterpart.
Pie Crust A simple fluffy crust flavor great in combination with other flavors.
Pineapple Fresh sliced pineapple, this flavor can be pretty strong and almost always stands out in a mix.
Pixie Stick Candy Generic pixie stick candy flavor great for mixing.
Plum Ripe juicy plum flavor.
Pomegranate Sweet fresh pomegranate.
Pomegranate Candy Sweeter than the normal pomegranate.
Prickly Pear Cactus A very strong and distinctive natural prickly pear cactus flavor.
Pumpkin Spice A spicy pumpkin flavor great for fall.
Rainbow Drops Candy Taste the rainbow in every drop. reminiscent to a mouthful of the candy.
Rainbow Sherbert A very generic rainbow sherbet flavor.
Raisin Great flavor for blending, very versatile.
Raspberry Sweet and tart raspberry flavor.
Raspberry Candy More tart than the normal raspberry flavor.
Red Oak Tobacco A woody tobacco flavor with a rich smoky taste.
Red Type A tobacco flavor designed to have more of a cigarette-like taste.
Red Vines Just like the licorice candy.
Rice Crunch Cereal This sweet toasted rice cereal flavor is just like the real thing.
Ripe Banana A fresh ripe banana flavor.
Ripe Strawberry A sweet, juicy, fresh ripe strawberry.
Root Beer A delicious creamy root beer flavor brewed to perfection.
Ry4 Tobacco A rich caramel, vanilla, tobacco flavor with a smooth finish.
Silly Rabbit Cereal Tricks aren't just for kids anymore with this awesome flavor, good by itself or in mixes.
Smooth This flavor does not have any menthol or cooling, it can help smooth all the flavors together in a mix.
Sour This is a sour note that can be used with other flavors to create a sour-candy effect.
Sour Ball Candy Generic sour candy flavor great by itself or mixed with other candies.
Soursop Like a combination of strawberries and apple with a sour citrus note.
Spearmint A fresh and clean, all natural spearmint, not sweet. Note: this flavor can damage certain plastics.
Starfruit Tart with a sour undertone with an acidic odor, lighter tasting flavor great for mixing.
Strawberry Candy A sweet strawberry more like a candy.
Sugar Cookie Fresh baked sugar cookies right out the oven!
Swedish Gummy This Gummy flavor is just like those cute little fish.
Sweet Artificial sweetener
Sweet & Tart A strong flavor best used as an additive to give any mix a more candied flavor.
Sweet Candy A generic sweet candy flavor great for mixing.
Sweet Corn Flakes Cereal This flavor is Grrrrrrate. Awesome alone or in mixes.
Sweet Cream A sweet cream with vanilla notes, great for mixing with other flavors.
Sweet Guava Sweeter than the normal guava. More people tend to like this one, not as strong and good for mixing or by itself.
Sweet Lychee A sweeter more mellowed out Lychee, more people tend to like this one over the normal lychee.
Sweet Pear A sweet version of pear, takes the edge off the crisp pear.
Sweet Tea Like a refreshing glass of ice cold sweet tea perfect for a hot summer day!
Tart Granny Smith Apple A tart apple flavor reminiscent of Granny smith apples, with a bit of cinnamon and spice.
Toasted Marshmallow Marshmallow toasted to perfection over an open fire.
Turkish Turkish tobacco, also referred to as oriental tobacco is highly aromatic and lightly acidic.
Unicorn Vomit A mixed fruit and candy flavor, very close to the fruit smoothie with more of a candy taste.
Vanilla Bean Gelato This is a rich vanilla flavor.
Vanilla Cupcake Sweet fluffy vanilla cupcake straight out the oven. Great base flavor to mix with others.
Vanilla Custard A rich buttery custard flavor.
Vanilla Swirl Like a soft serve vanilla swirl ice cream.
Waffle Rich waffle flavor, great to mix with berries and maple.
Watermelon Fresh cut juicy watermelon.
Watermelon Candy A sweet and sour candied version of watermelon.
Western Tobacco A Wonderful all around tobacco blend.
Whipped Cream A light and fluffy cream with vanilla notes, great for mixing with other flavors.
White Chocolate A rich and creamy true to life white chocolate flavor.
Wintergreen Fresh and minty flavor great for mixing or by itself.
Yellow Watermelon The yellow watermelon originally comes from Africa with a sweeter honey like flavor compared to its red fleshed cousin.